Our radical new technologies will have a huge impact on wide-scale electrification

A transportation ecosystem of affordable electric vehicles – offering an exceptional user experience with an expected lower total cost of ownership

The New Method

Revolutionizing vehicle design and production by rethinking everything.

Experienced leadership team

Sourced from industry-leading companies and supported by a talented and growing global workforce of over 70 people.


Our local, low-footprint Microfactories use cell-based robotic assembly instead of a traditional automotive production line.

Microfactories are set up in areas of demand using existing commercial spaces or warehouses and require lower capital expenditure to establish. Operational 6 months from a site’s readiness, they can be profitable from much lower volumes with superior unit economics and enhanced flexibility in operations.

By localising the supply chain, Micforactories reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing. Serving individual cities and making products customised to regional needs, they will provide jobs, grow local supply chains and empower communities – enabling a clean, circular and more equitable future.

Enabling Technologies

We’re developing components, software, hardware, and business intelligence in-house to be used across all our vehicles so that business can be quicker and more cost-efficient in production.


Our vehicles are more than vehicles – they’re devices on wheels. Digitally empowered with a suite of software tools, they connect and communicate with the world around them, enabling better performance.


Our vehicles are produced with industry grade, highly functional materials which are lightweight, durable, and recyclable – improving the environmental impact of the vehicles


Our modular design allows for quick assembly, easy replacement, and multiple configurations

Improved Design via Intelligence

eBikeGo houses a business intelligence unit which focuses on monitoring not only vehicle health and performance but also provides insights for design development.

We continuously stream real-time data from intelligent edge devices. These real time data is captured and analyzed and is feeded to 

Analsying Key performance indicators for a particular vehicle provides us with intelligence to continuously improve a particular part so as to achieve an overall excellent design. 

Users are provided 24 x 7 connectivity which in turn provides us enough data to do heuristic analysis and development.