The world we live in isn’t the one we want: we’re facing a drastic climate and ecological crisis that needs transformative solutions. Road transportation accounts for 10% of global CO₂ emissions, with emissions rising faster than any other sector. This is the time for radical impact.

We created a revolutionary new method of design and production to remove the cost barrier to electrification. For a clean, circular and equitable future, we need true sustainability that’s accountable and transparent.


We want to lower carbon emissions and reduce air pollution in our cities.

- Zero Tailpipe Emissions

Electrifying commercial vehicles reduces emissions.

- Low Impact

Measuring and minimising environmental impact in our processes.

- Low Carbon Production

Using composite materials that remove the need for large footprint processes.

- Net-Zero

Committed to The Climate Pledge to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.


We make products designed to last longer – they can be repaired, reused and recycled.

- Upgradable

Updating the software and hardware over time means our vehicles last longer.

- Modularity

Engineering a grid-based architecture ensures components are easily replaceable in vehicles

- Environmental Management System

Aiming for ISO 14001 accreditation for all production sites.

- Zero Waste to Landfill

Using only what we need in our Microfactories, with production offcuts recycled into vehicle components.


We empower communities so everyone benefits from green technologies.

- Accessible

Designing for the diversity of users makes our vehicles more inclusive.

- Local Supply Chains

Providing work for local talent and economic uplift for communities

- Transparency

Implementing industry-leading supply chain traceability and code of conduct.