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Become an EV entrepreneur with an assured monthly income.

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1st EV Delivery Service

India's 1st Electric Mobility Delivery Company

10+ Delivery Partner

National Delivery Partner with 10+ Large Companies

300K Deliveries

We deliver minimum 300K per month

How it Works

Become an EV entrepreneur with an assured monthly income.


You buy ebikes and lease them to us

eBikeGo will allot the bikes to our delivery partners


Our trusted partners rent it for delivery & commute.

You get an assured monthly income


Why Leasing?

You invest in an ebike with eBikeGo and get monthly returns from the usage of your smart bike. You are the owner of the ebike and eBikeGo’s partners are the users in this case.


More Stability

Stock markets are unpredictable. Leasing offers a predictable cash flow.


Strong Collateral

Lowers overall risk because collaterals can be recovered, re-leased, and sold easily.


Tax Efficient

Lowers tax rates by way of depreciation and other tax set-offs.

Do you know?

Leasing contracts are fairly common! In fact, most businesses such as airlines, heavy equipment companies and manufacturing giants lease their assets rather than own them.

Why Us

Become an EV entrepreneur with an assured monthly income.
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The Biggest Brands
Trust Us

We rent our ebikes to India’s biggest brands like Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, UberEats, etc.


Get complete details on your bike utilisation and the payouts from each delivery using our Dashboard.


Invest in our dream of a pollution-free India and join the EV industry, supported by the Govt of India.

Established EV
Mobility Company

Launched in 2017, Currently in 8+ cities across India. Awarded the Best EV Mobility Startup for 2019-2020.

4 Year Returns

BikesInvestmentMonthly ReturnsReturns in 4yrsLoyality BonusOverall Returns
10₹ 7,00,000₹ 21,000₹ 10,08,000₹ 50,000₹ 10,58,000
15₹ 10,50,000₹ 31,500₹ 15,12,000₹ 85,000₹ 15,97,000
20₹ 14,00,000₹ 42,000₹ 20,16,000₹ 1,20,000₹ 21,36,000
30₹ 21,00,000₹ 63,000₹ 30,24,000₹ 2,00,000₹ 32,24,000
50₹ 35,00,000₹ 1,05,000₹ 50,40,000₹ 3,00,000₹ 53,40,000
100₹ 70,00,000₹ 2,15,000₹ 1,03,20,000₹ 7,00,000₹ 1,10,20,000


Delivery Executives


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Fleet of ebikes

The Biggest Brand Trust Us

Become an EV entrepreneur with an assured monthly income.

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About eBikeGo

eBikeGo provides a smart solution and an unique EV advantage for businesses to achieve last-mile efficiency. eBikeGo has climbed up the ladder to expand into 8 cities and serves major delivery partners in the industry.

As part of the vision to electrify Indian mobility, we conceptualised the eBikeGo Business Partner Program that encourages entrepreneurs to invest in this rapidly growing industry as they lead India’s electric revolution with us.

Build a self-reliant,
pollution-free India with eBikeGo

Every ebike you invest in will help an unemployed person impacted by COVID-19 and also ensure that masks don’t become the future because of pollution.

You buy and add an ebike to our fleet

An unemployed youth becomes a delivery executive

You help India become greener by eliminating petrol vehicle

You earn a monthly income

Hurry! Limited ebikes left.

Start Earning Now

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